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Pinnacle 6 Air Jordan

Write By: Noah Beletskiy on

 Another Jordan has been added to the Pinnacle Series. After the iconic 1s and 4s, we now have the 6. This Retro 6 Pinnacle features a metallic gold shoe with white accents and an icy bottom that all Jordan fanatics love.

The shoe is inspired by the 25th anniversary of Michael Jordan’s first championship and comes with a matching gold hang tag. However, this hang tag is not your ordinary dog tag. It features a full matching gold Jumpman. The bag on the Jumpman features Jordan’s number 23, paired with a bright white box. When the box is opened, a white dust bag containing the Air Jordan winged logo is seen, which features the quote on the wrapping, “Limits, like fears, are often just an illusion".

You can buy this shoe in store or online at www.nojokicks.comPinnacle 6 Gold .

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