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Nike Air Max 90 x Off-White Review

Write By: Andy Beletskiy on

Nike Air Max 90 Off-White

Nike Air Max 90s Off-White

The Off-White Nike Collab. Workshop kicked off the release of “The 10” collection. After the inaugural event, while a limited number of Air Max 90s were available, Off-White Prestos remained in short supply, but are now posted for sale on nojokicks.com and in our store.

Though some prefer Adidas over Nike, the Air Max 90s and the “Off-White” collection, in particular, are rapidly gaining traction due to their nearly universal appeal. Our unboxing revealed a unique and one of a kind offering, that will certainly put this collaboration in the history books. From a short distance away, these kicks are indistinguishable from your typical pair of Air Max 90s, but the intricate, deconstructed craftsmanship of this special edition is breathtaking upon closer inspection. From the oversized stitching to the applique Nike “Swoosh,” to the distressed tongue and hybrid uppers, the comfort is there – but this is first and foremost an aficionados shoe.

Occasionally available at just over retail, the Air Max 90 Off-Whites are showing up on eBay at twice the price. When you order on Nojokicks.com, you can rest assured that you will receive an authenticated pair at the most competitive rate. We would label these as a MUST COP!

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