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Nike Foamposite Supreme "Red"

Nike Foamposite Supreme "Red"

$ 725.00

Not only do the shoes represent the recent trend of printed pairs for this hallowed Swoosh silhouette, but they also suggest a possible future wherein collab Foamposite releases are regular. Granted, Supreme are near the top of the list as far as Nike partners who can pull of pretty much anything, so we aren’t exactly expecting every sneaker boutique across the land to get their own pair.

Truth is, anything Supreme touches will turn into something golden in the eyes of today’s most fashion-informed sneakerhead. And even though the brand has its roots and DNA in skating, the label has become so much more than that, which makes a Foamposite collaboration appear less unusual by the day. We’ve seen two colorways with this Versace-style print thus far – a black-based one, and this red-painted version that features the famed box logo in the tiny jewel at the tongue.


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